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Arches and columns

Grandeur and style come together to create dream structures that capture the imagination. These majestic elements are more than just decorations; they are true focal points that add an extra dimension of elegance and excitement to any event.


square arch

Offer a modern and structured approach to event decoration, perfect for corporate events, product launches or themed parties. Its angular shape provides a dynamic contrast that captures attention, offering a unique and contemporary background to capture the most important moments.



They function as visual pillars that infuse a sense of grandeur and height into any space, becoming unique points of interest for your events. Ideal for delineating entrances, corridors or specific areas, they are ephemeral architecture that enriches the atmosphere and directs attention where you want it most.


round arch

Estructuras elevadas de globos, ideales para marcar entradas o resaltar áreas específicas. Con su forma circular, estos arcos evocan un sentido de unidad y perfección, añadiendo un toque romántico y etéreo a cualquier evento. Perfecto para como bodas, aniversarios o fotografías ceremoniales.

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